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Our Goals


To empower diverse individuals, families, and communities


To bring innovation through workforce diversity 


To promote inclusive education programs in schools  


To support businesses in achieving a positive economic, social, and environmental impact 

Our Story

We opened our doors in July 2022 with a mighty goal to support ALL persons experiencing disabilities, with anything and everything that they needed. If we didn't know how to assist, we learned. The intention was to be together in completing essential tasks for a good life, especially at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to ensure that persons experiencing disabilities did not get left behind, even more, as we were transitioning out of the mass isolation.

In past year, we have strongly supported our students with academic work, helped individuals find jobs with inclusive employers, assisted people in finding accessible housing, consulted families on disability tax credit and financial supports, provided disability awareness trainings, and collaborated with organizations on inclusion projects. 

Our determination to support and advocate for disability inclusion is stronger than ever. We continue to welcome anyone and everyone experiencing challenges and are always excited to promote inclusion and access alongside our community partners.  

Our Mission

To empower diverse minds, inclusive communities, and socially responsible businesses.

Our Vision

​​To build competency focused educational and work environments in which difference is celebrated. 

Our Team

 Headshot of Smita Srivastava

Smita Srivastava
Founder & CEO

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 Headshot of Peter Graham Brown outside a building

Peter Graham Brown

Cerebral Palsy Accessibility


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 Headshot of Alfred Rochon sitting at a desk

Alfred Rochon
Built Environment Accessibility Consultant

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 Headshot of Steph Bauer

Stephinah Bauer
Life Skills Facilitator and

Job Coach

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 Close-up of Gautam Gupta

Dr. Gautam Gupta
Technology Advisor

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A close-up of Ronald Kasule

Ronald Kasule
Social Development Advisor: African Initiatives

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Close-up of Shannon Amaadar

Shannon Amaadar
Professional and Educational Equity Consultant

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About Smita

Smita is a British Columbia and California certified educator and disability inclusion specialist. She has a masters degree in Special Education and 12 years of experience in providing disability support services. Smita has worked extensively as an educator within the student services department of the public school system. She has also provided services as a Learning Consultant to homeschooled students with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.  Further, Smita has supported the Federal Learning Disability project within the construction and mining industry as a Learning Specialist. She is an inclusion and accessibility advisor at Accessible Places, Canada and Dasuns, Uganda. Moreover, she leads the global inclusive education teacher training initiative at LETSknow.  At FormEdOn, Smita assists students and job-seekers in meeting their educational and employment goals. Additionally, she supports employers and educational institutions in creating inclusion and accessibility policies and implementing reasonable accommodations for students and employees experiencing disabilities. 


"I had the pleasure of working with Smita for several years in a social emotional program in public school system. Smita is highly professional and personable. She exhibits a high level of patience and understanding of diverse social and emotional needs. Very thorough in her approach to each students complex learning needs."

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