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FormEdOn celebrates neurodiversity and lends a hand in creating strength-focused opportunities for individuals with disabilities at schools, job-training centres, and workplaces.

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Empowering Youth 

We believe in empowering our school-age learners through assessment, individualized remedial instruction, social-communication training and

self-advocacy support.

Get to Know Us

Our Vision

FormEdOn is fuelled by the belief that happy and success-filled experiences can be created for all individuals, regardless of how they think, learn, and interact with the world around them. We have strong faith in diverse identities and abilities of people. We also have the knowledge to collaborate with others who wish to create competency-focused educational and work environments in which difference is celebrated. 

About Smita

Smita is a British Columbia and California certified educator and accessibility specialist. She has a masters degree in Special Education and more than 11 years of experience in providing disability support services within the community. Smita has worked extensively as an educator within the student services department of the public school system. She now provides services as a Learning Consultant to students with low-incidence disabilities enrolled in online schools.  Further, Smita supports the Federal Learning Disability project within the construction and mining industry as a Learning Specialist. She is an inclusion and accessibility advisor at Accessible Places, BC and Dasuns, Uganda. At FormEdOn, Smita directly assists students and job-seekers in meeting their educational and employment goals.

"I had the pleasure of working with Smita for several years in a social emotional program in public school system. Smita is highly professional and personable. She exhibits a high level of patience and understanding of diverse social and emotional needs. Very thorough in her approach to each students complex learning needs."
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