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Services for School-Age Learners

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Academic Achievement Testing

We offer 1 to 1 academic testing services with a learning specialist. We use a nationally recognized achievement test to measure a learner's reading, writing, and math knowledge and skills. 


Executive Functioning Coaching

In coaching sessions, we provide assistance with all subjects and courses. We offer targeted help with time management, task prioritization,  project planning, homework, test preparation, and general organization.


Single Subject Tutoring

In our single subject tutoring sessions, we focus on one course or subject. We provide tutoring, homework help and test reviews. We also assist in completing classes taken through eBus, VLN, NIDES, SelfDesign and other online schools.  

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School Students

Academic Achievement Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the assessment that you use?

We use the Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (WJ IV ACH.) 

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Overview of Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement


Why is this assessment useful?
The WJ IV provides diagnostically-useful measures of academic achievement in the areas of reading, mathematics, and  written language. It gives a detailed picture of a student's strengths and weaknesses and can be used to get accommodations at school.  

What is included in your reports?

Our reports provide a detailed analysis of a student's standardized scores, percentile ranks, Relative Proficiency Indexes (R.P.I.) and grade/ age equivalencies. We also include developmental, academic and language background, student interview, parent and teacher feedback, present concerns, and recommendations in our reports for school-age learners

What else is included in your 'Achievement Testing and Learning Plan' package?

In this package, we include a Student Learning Profile (SLP) with the assessment report.  The SLP contains a concise summary of assessment results and necessary accommodations. It can be immediately and easily used by teachers to provide the student necessary supports for learning. 

What is the price of the assessment?

Prices vary. You can choose to only get one academic area tested or you may choose the full assessment. Please visit our Shop for more details.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in individualized executive functioning coaching?

In these 60 minute sessions, learners are taught organization, task prioritization, and time management skills by a learning specialist. Homework help, test preparation support, project planning, and remedial instruction are also provided for all subjects. Individualized sessions can be offered online or in-person.

What is offered in your partnered sessions?

Partnered sessions offer study skills training, remedial instruction, and homework support to two carefully matched students. Similar to a Skills Development class or Resource support, these sessions aim to strengthen and support organization and study skills needed to achieve grade-level expectations at school. 

Who is the ideal candidate for executive functioning supports?

Students who need tutoring, organizational and planning support for all subjects are ideal candidates for executive functioning support.  Students who experience attention and processing difficulties and need small group assistance to study and complete homework benefit greatly from these sessions. 

How do you help students become independent and organized learners?

We introduce students to many different kinds of organizational and planning tools. Students select the ones that work best for them and then consistently practice using them for school work. We also teach students how to utilize assistive technology to improve their efficiency and focus. 

What is the price of the executive functioning support sessions?

Individualized sessions are priced at CAD $85 per hour. Partnered sessions are offered at CAD $75 per hour. All organizational and assistive tools, including binders, separators, notebooks, graph paper, reading rulers etc. are included in this price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in single subject tutoring sessions?

In these 90 minute tutoring sessions, we provide 1 to 1 help on one course of your choice. Tutoring, homework support, assignment completion, project planning, and test preparation are included.

Is there an online option for tutoring?

Yes, we offer tutoring services online and in-person.

Who is the ideal candidate for tutoring?

The ideal candidate for tutoring is a student who struggles with a particular subject or is completing a course online through VLN, eBus, NIDES, SelfDesign or other online schools. Tutoring is offered to all school-age students. However, we prioritize our supports for students with disabilities and English language learners.

What is the price of tutoring sessions?

Tutoring sessions are 90 minutes each and are priced at CAD $100. 

Single Subject Tutoring 

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