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Career Services for Adults

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Job Search Support

We help jobseekers find employment with  organizations that welcome and accommodate individuals with disabilities


Job Skills Tutoring

We prepare jobseekers for employment by offering explicit tutoring on reading, writing, numeracy and digital literacy


Job Application Assistance

We help jobseekers showcase their experience and skills effectively in resumes, cover letters and interviews 

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Job Search Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of job-search support do you offer?

We offer a highly personalized job-search experience. Our experienced consultants meet with jobseekers to understand their career goals, interests, strengths, and needs. The consultants then assist them in finding opportunities that would be most appropriate and comfortable for them. We study the role, job requirements, and the employer's inclusion policy prior to making recommendations. We also share relevant training options, mentorship opportunities, and certificated programs with our jobseekers. 


What resources can you provide to those who want to pursue job search independently?

To assist jobseekers in their independent search, we can provide:​

  • Names and contact information of employers offering inclusive employment

  • A list of provincial jobseeker resources

  • Tips on self-marketing and networking

  • Sample emails to prospective employers

  • Phone contact tips and accommodations/salary negotiations guidelines


What is the price of your job-search support services?

Our personalized supported job-search service is priced at CAD $85 per hour. Sliding scale payment options are available to persons in need. 

Job Skills Tutoring

Frequently Asked Questions

What is offered in your tutoring sessions for adults?

Our tutoring sessions for adults focus on developing the foundational skills in reading, writing, math and technology. We also help jobseekers strengthen their professional competency skills like communication, collaboration, and adaptability. 

What job-related math skills do you teach?

We provide instruction on the following math skills that are commonly used at work:

  • Interpreting and analyzing word-problems & graphs

  • Building calculation skills and using calculators

  • Understanding finance and managing budgets

  • Using data to make predictions and solve problems

  • Making informed estimations

  • Using math accommodations and assistive tools 

How can your tutoring improve my reading skills?

We teach strategies to help improve your:

  •  Ability to understand information presented through words, graphs, and symbols 

  •  Ability to recognize and decode words 

  •  Knowledge of professional and career-specific vocabulary

  •  Rate, tone, and expressiveness of your reading

  • Ability to use assistive reading tools

How do you assist in developing writing skills?

We offer instruction and guided practice on the following writing skills:

  • How to logically convey information in writing with purposeful vocabulary and sentence-structure

  • How to spell, use correct punctuation and grammar 

  • How to use assistive tools like spellcheckers, grammar checkers, word-prediction software, dictation apps etc.

Which computer skills do you teach?

We teach the following computer skills:

  • How to use and write emails

  • How to create and edit presentations, spreadsheets, and word processing documents

  • How to attend virtual meetings and communicate via direct messaging using appropriate digital etiquette

  • How to browse and safely find information on the internet

  • How to keep personal information safe

Is there an online option for tutoring?

Yes, we offer tutoring services online and in-person.

What is the price of your tutoring services?

Our tutoring service is priced at CAD $85 per hour. Sliding scale payment options are available to persons in need. 

Job Application Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of help do you provide with cover letters and resumes?

We can help you create a cover letter for a job you like or create an industry-specific template. Our resume support services include:

  • Developing the resume from scratch

  • Updating your skills and experiences 

  • Customizing your resume for the job you want

  • Individualizing your resume to align with your personal style 

What is included in your interview preparation services?

Our interview preparation services include​:

  • A FREE 30-minute initial consultation

  • A 30-minute individualized interview preparation for your chosen job

  • A 45-minute initial mock interview

  • A transcript of the interview with our suggestions

  • A 30-minute final mock interview 

  • Debrief call on the day of your interview 

What is the price of your job-application services?

Price varies based on consulting time used. The hourly rate of service is CAD $85. 

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