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Family Supports

At FormEdOn, we believe in building and strengthening family advocacy.

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Free Consulting Services for Ukrainian Families

Special-Education Consulting

FormEdOn’s individualized special-education consulting services can be offered in-person or online at the rate of $85 per hour. A  summary document, including an action plan, is emailed to families following the session.While supports can be personalized to a large degree, the broad categories in which we can assist are outlined below: 
To begin, book a free initial consultation! 



Interpretation and translation of privately conducted psycho-educational assessments  into  simplified learning plans to use for school meetings

Consultation with respect to available community and government resources and support with documentation, including application for autism funding

Family preparation and planning for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Case Management meetings with the school team

Finding support providers for psycho-educational assessments, specialized services, and tax-credit forms

Assistance with transitions from elementary to high-school and from high-school to post-secondary institutions. 

Informative sessions on School-Based Special Education services for families of children with disabilities who have/or plan to immigrate to Canada

Helping Hands

Parent Support Groups

FormEdOn organizes in-person support sessions and meet-ups for caregivers of learners with disabilities. Please email to express interest in attending support groups.

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