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Gain competitive advantage by tapping into the diverse talents of people with disabilities

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Broaden your Impact and customer reach with accessible products and services

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Be known as the business that respects the dignity and diverse identities of all individuals

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What We Do

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Develop Inclusive Content & Policies

Write job postings, accessibility statements and policies that highlight  your commitment 

Create Accessible Spaces

Make your buildings and remote work environments comfortable for everyone

Strengthen Disability Awareness

Create acceptance through targeted disability awareness events and trainings

Host Inclusive Interviews

Design a welcoming and accommodated interviewing experience for all

Facilitate Employee Resource Groups

Build a safe space for everyone to contribute ideas and provide feedback on inclusion

Showcase your Commitment

Generate goodwill and attract investment by reporting your inclusion work to the community 

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Inclusion and Accessibility Content Development Services

To attract diverse talent, we can support businesses in creating the following:

  • Inclusive job-postings

  • Accessibility statements

  • Inclusion commitments and clauses 

  • Accommodation policies

  • Confidentiality and privacy policies

Inclusive Interview Preparation  

We offer complete interview planning and preparation services to businesses. Our supports include: 

Pre-Interview Outreach

  • Contacting interviewees to determine accommodation requirements

  • Setting up accommodations for the interview


Accommodated Interview Delivery

  • Planning an individualized and accommodated interview for persons with disabilities using the C.A.P.E (Compassion, Acceptance, Partnership, Evocation) philosophy of motivational interviewing.

Post-Interview Follow-Up

  • Creating a plan to implement accommodations and provision of assistive devices that allow the individual to meet the job requirements

Accessible Spaces Planning

We assist businesses in creating safe and comfortable in-person and remote work environments by advising on:

Workspace Accessibility

  • Built Environment accessibility 

  • Ergonomics

  • Workstation modifications

  • Assistive devices

  • Sensory room planning

  • In-person interaction and social participation requirements

Remote Accessibility

  • Purchase of assistive devices for home office

  • Creating accessible online trainings and meetings

  • Alternatives for live online participation 

Disability Awareness  Initiatives

We help employers build a workforce that can accept everyone with enthusiasm by creating targeted professional development and community events. Our supports include:

  • A needs analysis of training on inclusion and accessibility

  • Customized professional development opportunities on disability inclusion for staff

  • Support with grievances

  • Organization of disability awareness events

Inclusion Reporting

We enhance and advertise your inclusion efforts through data collection and reporting. Our supports include:


  • Assisting with disability-specific data collection (For example, data on the number of employees with disability by gender and age, accommodations provided to employees, grievances, accessibility-related infrastructural investments, responsible partnerships with inclusive organizations.

  • Creating sustainability reports that showcase accessibility, non-discrimination policies, social initiatives, and equitable representation of persons with disabilities in operations, products, and service design

Employee Resource Groups

We help create and facilitate regular Employee Resource Group meetings. We gather consented feedback from these meetings to help businesses enhance their inclusion efforts further. 

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