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Welcome to FormEdOn

We love breaking barriers!

We support youth, adults, schools, and employers in achieving inclusion and access for everyone.

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Our 'Holistic' Commitment

Respect the unique perspectives and lived experiences of people with disabilities in developing educational and employment programming

Support schools, universities, and career centres in designing instruction and flexible learning options for a diverse mix of learners

Assist businesses in creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities in training, recruitment, continuation of employment, and career advancement

What We Do

Support Youth with Disabilities

Support Adults with Disabilities

Support Educational Institutions

Support Inclusive Businesses


“I met Smita 2 months ago through a neighbourhood group when I put a desperate post seeking help with employment and urgent housing problem for an old single Syrian war victim friend of mine. From the very first moment, Smita jumped right in to help.I was overwhelmed with her kindness, care, devotion, competence, patience and exceptional willingness to help. She not only helped my friend but also helped me with the loads of resources I received, ensuring to care as well for all my needs during this stressful time. She wrote a professional resume for my friend, looked and continues to look for suitable jobs, helps with job applications, looking for job fairs, guiding my friend to courses to improve her skills for more work chances. She impressed me how helpful, resourceful, active, knowledgeable, accommodating, dedicated, highly experienced young lady. She spent hours writing and responding to probably a 100 emails. Her numerous resourceful communications are what helped us to reach our goal. She was definitely my back bone, an inspiration and a role model to me. She showed me the best qualities that can be in an ideal human being. It's such a pleasure and honour to meet such a unique beautiful young lady Smita. You are here to change lives. Thank you for all your work you do for everyone. Best luck in future endeavours.

Hanan Farag, BC


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