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Approximately 16% of the global population identifies as having a significant disability. This constitutes 1.3 billion people, which is 1 in 6 people. 

- World Health Organization

Our Misson

To empower diverse minds, inclusive communities, and socially-responsible businesses.

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Our 'Holistically Individualized' Approach

Upholds individualities, unique perspectives, and lived experiences of youth and adults with disabilities, without exceptions, in developing educational and employment programming

Informs and empowers educational institutions through Universal Design for Learning and customized disability awareness initiatives that highlight the rights and evolving capacities of youth and adult learners with disabilities

Assists businesses in meeting corporate social responsibility standards by reducing accessibility barriers for people with disabilities in training, recruitment, continuation of employment, and career advancement.

Fists in Solidarity

What We Do

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Support Youth with Disabilities

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Support Adults with Disabilities

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Support Educational Institutions

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Support Businesses


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