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Braille Reading

Increase student retention, satisfaction, and success rates

Playing with Mobile Phone

Reduce planning time by 

designing for learner variability

Typing with Prosthetic Hand

Employ evidence-based approaches to create expert learners 

Services for Educational Institutions

What We Do

Page Summary

Empower  Educators with a Flexible Curriculum

Help teachers plan and deliver lessons in a way that engages a diverse group of students

Adapt the  Curriculum for Accessibility

Adapt the curriculum to create flexible and multiple options in content presentation and delivery

Provide Individualized Student Support Services

Provide active case-management, tutoring, and advocacy services to students

Strengthen Disability Awareness

Create acceptance through targeted disability awareness events, workshops, & bullying prevention trainings

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Support For Teachers

​Our supports for teachers include:

  • Individualized assistance with lesson planning using the Universal and backward design principles 

  • Mentorship and guidance on adopting competency-based assessment practices

  • Advising on accommodation planning and implementation

  • Customized Professional Development on Disabilities and Universal Design for Learning

Curriculum Adaptation

We can assist schools and career centres in adapting the curriculum to include:

  • Multiple means to present the content

  • Multiple means to engage diverse learners 

  • Flexible options for participation and assessment

  • Different levels of difficulty 

  • Connections and practical applications 

  • Opportunities for collaborative work and independent learning

Student Services

​Our personalized student services include:

  • Conducting individualized intake and accommodation planning meetings with students

  • Providing remedial instruction and essential skills tutoring 

  • Offering assistive technology consulting and support

  • Developing easy-to-implement Competency-Based Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), Student Learning Profiles, and group reports.

  • Creating detailed Transition Plans for graduating and adult learners that outline strengths, needs, and accommodations that may be required in post-secondary education or at job sites. 

  • Building capacity for IEP advocacy and resourcefulness

  • Implementing accommodations, reading and scribing supports for assessments

Disability Awareness

We help schools build disability awareness and acceptance by offering: 

  • Professional development on types of disabilities, learning accommodations, designing accessible educational and training content and more

  • ​Collecting data on inclusion through parent, teacher, and learner surveys to improve and target inclusion efforts

  • Hosting exclusive events focussed on diversity, equity, disability awareness, and bullying prevention

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