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Increase student retention, satisfaction, and success rates

FormEdOn is dedicated to building an educational culture that is inclusive and supportive of learners with disabilities. We trust that every student can learn content if the learning process is mindfully, and often minorly, adapted to promote accessibility. We are pleased to be doing our part in fostering inclusion and acceptance by offering accessibility focused consulting, case-management, and professional development opportunities to educational organizations serving school-age and adult learners. Our person-centered approach in consulting strongly advocates for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and integration of the UDL framework in planning and delivery of the curriculum. Our goal is to make all instruction flexible and mindfully adapted to neurodiversity.  We insist that all learners be held to the same learning and grading standards and create a plan backwards with the instructing team to meet that requirement. Our services to educational organizations and training centers are highly customizable. While we can assist with all aspects of planning, delivery and evaluation, our main goal is to build staff capacity to support accessibility. 

Instructional | Educator Support

  • Individualized assistance with lesson planning using the backward design principles

  • Support with understanding and implementing the competency-based curriculum and reporting.

  • Customized Professional Development on Disabilities and Universal Design for Learning for Instructors and Support Staff

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Highly Customized Educational Consulting Services offered at $100/hour. 

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