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Inclusive and Empowered

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Inclusion is natural in an informed community. When educators, employers, and community leaders recognize that learning, participation, and contribution happens in unique ways for everyone, accommodating differences becomes an everyday thing.

For inclusion initiatives to be successful, all contributors within the society must feel that they are supported and adequately resourced. We also must recognize that we have achieved brilliantly in this effort through awareness and through innovation. Let's keep pushing the goal-post. The grand vision and the end-goal will evolve as we go, but certainly, progress will be made and a path will appear.

As an educator and as a human, my understanding and efforts are guided by visionaries like Dr. Gabor Maté. As small as it my effort may look, a lot that I do is inspired by his idea that 'normal' is a myth. I believe that as long I remember that, I will be compassionate and contributory towards inclusion efforts.

Here is some insight on Dr. Maté's new book, The Myth of Normal. I hope it continues to be read by many.

Here is a resource for BC parents. Let's hold our children closer in these turbulent times and collectively recognize that reaching out for support and being there to support are wonderful things.

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